How to Build a Website For Your Small Business

May 17, 2018 By admin

How to Build a Website For Your Small Business

Building a website for your  small business can be overwhelming. There are too many things to consider and there are far too many tools to choose from. If you are a non-web-savvy user, the sheer volume of options can even make you feel lost on where you should actually start.

Poor planning and execution can only lead to disaster and wasted time resources. You could end up with an over-designed website, unclear content, confusing call-to-actions, unspecific targeting and no converted lead.

You can avoid these failures if you start with these important things:

Understand your target audience

No matter how busy you are running your business, you must take the time to understand your audience. This way your website will not blindly target everyone. A high number of visits can be good, but it is not enough if your main purpose is to convert visitors into actual consumers.

Understanding to whom you are creating a website for and what they are looking for will lead you in the right direction. From their needs and pain points, you can then know which content can be helpful, compelling and interesting for them.

By simply knowing your audience, you are now in a better position to create useful resources to attract them. You can also create effective call-to-action buttons with a higher chance of successful conversions.

User experience

Focusing on the user experience, you will then realize that each element in the website that has an impact on your web visitor. You will be able to avoid over-designing your website.

A good design does not need too fancy scripts and overwhelming images. The effectiveness of your website will mostly depend on if you are able to deliver what your audience is looking for.

Your website must have information to help the users make a purchasing decision. Make it easy for them to get this information in the simplest way possible.

Focus on benefits

With too many information, how will you organize them to help your users make a purchasing decision? You have to focus on the benefits they can understand rather than on the features and technical data. While these are good to include, your audience will be more interested in what benefits they can get from it.

Social Proof

Many users value the experience of others. It impacts their decision-making behavior. Do not rely solely on what you say about your own brand or products. But they will give more in-depth interest if they see or hear people talking about their experience with your products or services.

Social proof can be a short testimony, a quote or experience from previous clients. You may include this in your homepage to convince your new audience.

When creating or revamping your business website, you need to make a clear-cut plan before execution. This will help you avoid getting lost along the way when you start to consider putting in various elements and content in your website.


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