How to Redesign a Website to Generate Leads

December 24, 2017 By admin

How to Redesign a Website to Generate Leads

Considering a website redesign to generate more leads?

If you want more leads from your website, it is always a good idea to start with your homepage.

Your homepage is your company’s virtual lobby. This is where your clients come through and draw the first impression of your company. Despite knowing this, many businesses still struggle to make an optimized website.

Many business owners think of the homepage as the grand landing page to cater to specific visitors. However, they fail to remember that the homepage must be able to serve various types of web visitors with different purposes and origins.

To build an effective homepage you need to include elements which attract, educate, and convert.


In just three seconds, your headline can make or break an engagement. It may only consist of a few words but it must bare your company message, brand or your offer. It is not surprising that content creators are hard-pressed when creating the right headline.

Keep the headline itself short, clear and simple. This alone will help you target 20 to 35% of highly targeted individuals. There is no need to use any jargon or grandiose words. It is more important to clearly state the pain points of your visitors and how you can help.


The sub-headline in your homepage must supplement your headline to increase its effectiveness. Use this to offer a brief description of your company and what you can do for your visitors.

If you are lost on how you will write your sub-heading, you can start with how your product can solve a specific or common pain point of your target visitors.


Every web creator and business owners know the importance of a call to action on a homepage. After all, your goal is to convert your visitors.

What you need is to make compelling design and content that will make the visitors move down the funnel. Include at least two call-to-action above the fold. This way you can direct different web visitors into the content they need based on which stage of buying cycle they are in.

Make your call-to-action buttons striking with contrasting to stand out. However, make sure that it still goes along with the theme or design of the homepage. Keep your CTA short. As much as possible make it in two to four words.

And since many web users are now using their smartphones, do not forget to make your CTA button big enough for their fingers to tap. If you are unsure about the size, you can make a minimum of 44px by 44px.

When designing your homepage, you need to always consider the mobile users. Make sure that you optimize your homepage to make it mobile-friendly. This will surely help boost your SEO efforts and increase the number of your leads.


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