Types of Outsourcing Transcription Services

October 26, 2017 By admin

Types of Outsourcing Transcription Services

Nowadays, outsourcing transcription services are getting popular as companies realize the advantages of the process. With today’s fast-paced digital age, companies feel the importance of maintaining a dedicated resource to note down points. This is why they are well equipped with visual aids and legal documents to record information that is later converted into Word or Rich Text Format.

Here are the types of transcription services that you can get.

Transcribe Insurance Claim

Insurance claims are usually written with legalese and technical terms. Add to that the scanned documents look faded or the handwritten notes on the margin are incomprehensible. Hiring an agent with the right skills and who understands the specific “insurance language” can make your document logical and clear.

Transcribe Lease Records

Lease documents are full of terms that are not familiar to everyone. After all, it is a legal document that uses a lingo that only those in the industry can grasp. This is why you need an expert transcriptionists who can efficiently transcribe the text from scanned documents into Word Format. They can also transfer the data from the lease records into a database or spreadsheet.

Transcribe Text From Images

When documents full of text are scanned, they usually do not turn out clear copies. While an optical recognition software may help, this is not always the case.

Manual work from a human can produce better results especially if the transcriptionist has enough experience and knowledge with the language the document is written in. The outsourcing team can ensure the transfer of text from the scanned document or photos into a word file or spreadsheet.

Outsourcing transcription eases a significant burden on your company. There is no need to recruit and train a dedicated team to carry out transcription activities assuring that you don’t waste your effort, time and money.


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