Why Healthcare Industry Should Outsource

July 16, 2018 By admin

Why Healthcare Industry Should Outsource

The interest in outsourcing has grown in the healthcare industry. A few years ago, healthcare providers only outsource medical data entry and medical transcription. The outsourcing benefits are now felt especially in large healthcare organizations and hospitals.

They began to outsource information management systems, clinical research, Big Data, medical billing, and IT needs. This way they will have more time to focus on their patients’ healthcare needs rather than on administrative work.

Here are other reasons why healthcare providing companies are using more outsourcing services on non-medical related tasks.

Save Money

There is no need to recruit a team to focus only on the administrative works and non-medical activities. You don’t have to worry about the training costs, new equipment purchases and employee benefits. Your outsource provider has the responsibility to ensure that the team are well trained and know the latest regulations.

Avoid Mistakes

US hospitals have 80% of medical bills containing errors. They also lose $125 billion every year due to poor billing practices. Dr. Karun Philip cited that this loss is because of two factors: untrained office staff on completing medical forms accurately and the constantly changing rules and regulations governing insurance companies and public payers.

With outsourcing, healthcare organizations can be sure that the team is well-versed in billing, medical documentation, and the latest insurance regulations.

Focus on Quality Patient Care

With an outsourcing team taking care of your non-medical responsibilities, you can now focus on improving your client services and training your healthcare organization’s staff to upgrade their skills to give the best quality of care for patients.

Access to Expert Team

You don’t have to spend time in recruiting trained professionals for healthcare processes because you can already outsource highly trained professionals to do the job. You also don’t have to worry about employee acquisition and retention since your outsourcing partner will take care of it.

Reduced Costs in Healthcare Operations

You can enjoy the low-cost manpower. Add to that, there is no need to spend on infrastructure. In fact, you can save 30% to 60% of operational costs. If you need assistance, you can easily get it any time of the day.


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